Anhui Rennuo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
Anhui Rennuo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
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Sany SY365 Kettenbagger

Sany SY365 Kettenbagger
Sany SY365 Kettenbagger
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Sany SY365 Kettenbagger Bild 3
Sany SY365 Kettenbagger Bild 4
Sany SY365 Kettenbagger Bild 5
Sany SY365 Kettenbagger Bild 6
Sany SY365 Kettenbagger Bild 7
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49.000 $
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≈ 43.930 CHF
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Marke:  Sany
Modell:  SY365
Typ:  Kettenbagger
Baujahr:  06/2022
Betriebsstunden:  970 m/Std.
Nettogewicht:  36000 kg
Standort:  China Hefei
Anzeigendatum:  07.06.2024
Machineryline ID:  BF39519
Grabtiefe:  7.05 m
Grabtiefe:  7050 mm
Aushubradius:  10.78 m
Abmessungen:  11.53 m × 3.19 m × 3.545 m
Schaufelvolumen:  2.32 m³
Marke:  GH-6HK1XKSC
Motorleistung:  156 kW (212 PS)
Euro:  Euro 3
Zustand:  gebraucht
Garantie::  1 Jahr
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Farbe:  gold

Weitere Informationen — Sany SY365 Kettenbagger

Rennuo Machinery Co., Ltd. promises to provide every friend with the lowest factory price, the most perfect quality control, the most first-class service guarantee.
Customers are located in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and developing countries along the "Belt and Road".
Our company's product quality is guaranteed, the product range is complete, including excavators, small excavators, rollers, graders, loaders, bulldozers, backhoes and various accessories will be delivered as soon as possible!
If you are looking for used construction machinery then congratulations to you, high quality, low price, first-class service, Rennuo machinery is your most trusted choice!
Let us develop together, the future belongs to you!

1) The hydraulic system components are original and in good working condition;
2) Stable working hours and high working efficiency;
3) Strong working power, good stability;
4) Complete accessories, no oil leakage;
5) Competitive price, good skills;
6) Good pre-sales and after-sales service;
You are welcome to contact us and visit our company. We sell a full range of used excavators at reasonable prices, which has won the trust of customers, and we can provide pre-sale and after-sales service
* Pick you up at the airport;
* Make hotel reservations for you;
And guide you to local attractions in your free time after completing your business.
You can add my WhatsApp account or email me. Thank you very much!

Packaging and distribution
1. The flat frame is more suitable for large construction equipment without disassembly. 2. Containers are the cheapest and fastest. 3. Bulk carriers are more suitable for large construction equipment.
This cargo is provided for guidance purposes only. For more accurate information, please refer to the seller.
Dieses Angebot dient nur zur Orientierung. Bitte fragen Sie genauere Informationen direkt beim Verkäufer an.
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