Audion EL-Matic 24H Winkelschweißer

Audion EL-Matic 24H Winkelschweißer
Audion EL-Matic 24H Winkelschweißer
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Audion EL-Matic 24H Winkelschweißer Bild 3
Audion EL-Matic 24H Winkelschweißer Bild 4
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Marke:  Audion
Modell:  EL-Matic 24H
Typ:  Winkelschweißer
Baujahr:  2018
Nettogewicht:  660 kg
Standort:  Niederlande Utrecht
Anzeigendatum:  06.06.2024
Machineryline ID:  EA33881
Abmessungen:  2.175 m × 1.875 m × 1.665 m
Zustand:  gebraucht

Weitere Informationen — Audion EL-Matic 24H Winkelschweißer

Used EL-Matic 24H
It has been used for approximately 2,500 operating hours (3 hours a day
15 hours a week and 60 hours a month for a total of 41 months)
The machine comes with a powered input conveyor belt and a manual output conveyor belt
High-speed automatic L-sealer with a maximum packing height of 200mm
The Audion EL-Matic 24H is and industrial L sealer suitable when you would like to pack products with a height of maximum 200 mm. This is 50 mm more than the standard EL-Matic 24. This automatic L-sealer uses an automatic conveyor infeed that can process up to 3600 packages/hour
Soft feed conveyors carry products into the system and place them inside the folded shrink film. An adjustable sealing arm raises and lowers as products move through the system. Once sealed
the closed pouch could then be moved into an optional shrink tunnel
shrinking and tightening the film
The Audion EL-Matic 24H automatic L-sealer helps to automate your sealing process
leading to
Increased productivity
Increased efficiency
Professional packing results
Higher protection grade
Power supply
380 - 415 V
3PH + N + PE
60 HZ
Installed power
3350 W
Sealing bar
640 x 510 mm
Maximum pack height
200 mm
Speed of conveyors
10 - 30 m/min
Output up to
3600 pack per hour (depending product size
pack collation and type of film)
Maximum size of film reel
600 - ø 350 mm
Machine size
2175 x 1875 x 1665 mm
Machine nett weight
660 Kg
Usable films
up to 30 µ
Usable films
from 15 to 60 µ with option sealing bar for PE
The Audion EL-Matic 24H is a used machine designed for automatic filling and capping of bottles. It features a 24-head filling station and a capping station capable of handling both screw and press-on caps
The machine is constructed with a stainless steel frame and is equipped with a variety of safety features
including safety guarding and emergency stop buttons. The fill volume and cap torque can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes and product types
In addition to its automatic capabilities
the Audion EL-Matic 24H also includes a manual mode for filling and capping smaller runs or for testing new products. The machine is user-friendly and easy to maintain
with quick-change parts for easy cleaning and servicing
the Audion EL-Matic 24H is a reliable and efficient choice for automated filling and capping
suitable for a range of industries such as food and beverage
and cosmetics
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